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sigh. i deleted  my main post wrongly. ):

will redo it later. =\\
or  maybe not.
am too busy the next few months, i think...

OK! after i come back from japan and have stuff to sell, i'll do this place up with a proper layout..


for sale!

Please read this thanks!

More pictures will be provided upon request unless its the best picture already.
Registered mail at USD 2 or SGD 2.24.
Leave a comment with your location, item you're interested in, email address, and I'll email you regarding shipping charges.
Accept paypal (prefered for international transections), bank transfers (Singapore only), and concealed cash (at own risk). Prices negotiable for fast deals.
Prices in SGD are inclusive of shipping. 
Prices in USD are NOT inclusive of shipping. Please ask for shipping charges. 

feedback link: http://starfallxd.livejournal.com/854.html
more T&C: http://starfallxd.livejournal.com/524.html

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